What are the boundaries of the Carthage Historic Downtown Art Walk?

For the purposes of the Carthage Historic Downtown Art Walk, the square district is defined as
the Carthage Square and one block off from Second Street to Fifth Street and Lyon to Howard
and all locations within those streets as formed in a square. As the event grows, the boundaries
may expand.

What time does Carthage Historic Downtown Art Walk begin?

Carthage Historic Downtown Art Walk begins at 6:00 p.m. and ends at 9:00 p.m. every Fourth
Friday of the month between April and September. Businesses with storefronts may stay open
later than 9 p.m. Our committee would love to promote after-hours activities!

What time can I set-up?

Designated streets close at 3:30pm. Businesses, vendors, sponsors and performers may
begin setting up at 4:30 pm. Artists should set up at the time designated by venue owners.

Can my organization come and give freebies during the event?

Participating storefronts and sponsors may give away food or drinks, but outdoor locations may
not distribute free food or drink items without committee and health department approval. Any
participant in Carthage Historic Downtown Art Walk may distribute free non-edible items.

Why have you made so many changes since the beginning of the event in 2011?

After every event, we take the feedback of our artists, performers, restaurants, retailers,
residents, and visitors and try to take the next step forward to improve the quality and
effectiveness of this event. We are interested in your feedback! Find a survey or send us an e-
mail www.carthageartwalk.org or www.facebook.com/CarthageArtWalk

What’s new in 2016?

Due to changes in policy at the state level, all artists are responsible for tracking their own sales
and reporting their taxes directly to the state. A Missouri Special Events Application (Form
2643S), must be completed and submitted to the Missouri Department of Revenue. It
can also be obtained by visiting our Business Tax Registration Forms page or by
calling (800) 877-6881. Or visit http://dor.mo.gov/faq/business/special.php. Additionally,
artists who are on display at an established art gallery on the square (Carthage Antiquarium,
Cherry’s, and Koka Art Gallery) no longer are required to fill out registration paperwork, but are
encouraged to file if they would like to be listed on the website and publicity materials. All artist
& performer fees are waived for registrations received before February 15, 2016.

What happens if it rains?

Carthage Historic Downtown Art Walk happens RAIN, SNOW, OR SHINE! Even in pouring
rain, our fans love to explore the Historic Carthage Square and see our artists. Our committee
will never cancel any portion of Art Walk. If the weather prevents a business, artist, vendor or
performer from attending or setting up outside, we will review the cancellation as a committee
and may consider re-scheduling later in the year. No fees will be reimbursed.

What does Carthage Historic Downtown Art Walk need to sustain this event?

This event is truly a community effort! We are always in need of volunteers, sponsors, and
space on the Square for artists and performers. As well, we need sponsors for entertainment,
trailers for stages, sound equipment, and updated signage. Let us know if you would like to
support Carthage Historic Downtown Art Walk.


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